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What Are The Benefits Of Fly Maggots To Raise Chickens

What are the benefits of fly maggots to raise chickens

There are many places where fly maggots raise chickens. Moreover, when local chicken breeding is relatively hot, fly maggots are an indispensable feed. Then, what are the benefits of fly maggots raising chickens?

Feeding method of fly larvae-raised chickens, after taking the fly larvae from the larvae, rinse with clean water to feed the chicken directly, and the dosage can account for 30% of the total feed. If the fly larvae are fed with boiling water after death , The dosage can reach 40%.

Protein supplement

Animal feed is mainly composed of protein feed (such as fish meal, bean cake, silkworm pupa, etc.) and energy feed (such as corn, wheat, sorghum, etc.). Farmers’ traditional farm chickens lack protein feed and generally use energy feed such as corn and wheat. Feeding results in a serious lack of protein feed, the feed conversion rate of the chickens raised is extremely low, and the feed cost is too high. Artificially cultivated fly maggots and other insects are ideal cheap protein feeds, and their protein content is very close to that of fish meal. Fly maggots are used as cheap animal protein feeds for breeding local chickens, which can greatly reduce feed costs and produce high-quality pollution-free products.

Increase production capacity

The vocational education group of Xiangshui Middle School in Chongqing Wanzhou reported that the use of fresh fly maggots to feed the chicks significantly accelerated their growth and development, which could enable laying hens to start production one month earlier; each additional kilogram of fresh maggots increased egg production by 0 .75 kg, can increase the egg production rate by 10%-20%, which is 1-1.5 kg more eggs per year than the control group fed with fish meal. Feeding broilers with fresh maggots increased the weight gain rate by 70%-139% compared to the control group (fed with the same amount of fish meal), and increased feed returns. Adding 8%-10% fly maggot meal to the diet of laying hens can increase the egg production rate by 16%-18% compared to the control group fed the same amount of fish meal.

Enhance chicken’s disease resistance

According to relevant scientific tests, fly larvae are rich in antimicrobial peptides, which can be used to raise animals, which can significantly improve the immunity of animals and achieve the effect of reducing or even not getting sick. The use of maggots such as fly maggots in chickens can increase the risk resistance of the farm and save a large amount of unnecessary medical expenses.

Raising chickens with fly maggots can not only reduce the cost of feeding but also resist the risk of chicken diseases. If conditions permit, you can try.

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