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The Essentials Of Free-range Chicken House Construction

The essentials of free-range chicken house construction

In the wake of the avian flu, the poultry industry is full of grief, especially large-scale chicken farming companies, and rural chicken farming has gradually become popular. However, how much do you know about the essentials of the construction of rural chicken coops?

1. The height of the ground in the chicken house. It should be 25-35 cm higher than the ground outside the house. Otherwise, the floor and litter of the chicken house will be damp, causing chicken diseases. In addition, in the event of heavy rain, rainwater will flow back into the house.

2. The color of the plastic window of the chicken house roller shutter. For south and north directions, the lower part of the roller blind should be dark, and the upper part should be transparent. And the upper transparent part occupies no more than one-third of the window area. The lower part of the upper and lower roller blinds should be equipped with facilities for blowing and blowing to facilitate heat preservation and prevent the entry of wind.

3. The roof of the chicken house should be covered with straw for heat insulation and heat preservation.

4. The door of the chicken house for people to enter and exit should be firm and lockable. Doors and windows are made of eaves to prevent rainwater from drifting in.

5. Windows should be installed on the east and west walls of the chicken house to facilitate ventilation and cooling in summer.

6. Open a floor window in each small chicken house for chickens to enter and exit, and adjacent floor windows should not face the same side.

7. Drill a well in a suitable place between the two new chicken houses for drinking water and washing the chicken houses. When necessary, the two houses are separated by a fence.

8. From the middle of the chicken house to the north, start at 10 meters away, and build a simple rain awning with a width of 2 to 2.5 meters along the north direction. And set up water pipes and automatic drinking fountains in the shed. Or build an independent rain shed above each automatic drinking fountain, and the area of ​​each shed is determined according to the situation (according to the density of fruit trees). The distance between each drinking fountain is 10–12 meters.

9. The land outside the chicken house should be properly leveled, and the big ditch should be covered to make it easy for chickens to enter and exit the house and walk outside the house.

10. 30 automatic drinking fountains need to be purchased inside the chicken house and 20 outside the chicken house, totaling 50. 60 large barrels need to be purchased in the chicken house. 2 sprayers.

11. In winter, the grass leaves are dry and the insects hibernate. It is not suitable for stocking chickens. If you want to stock them, you must provide the chickens with corn meal, soybean meal, bran, and a lot of organic waste such as leftovers and vegetables in the vegetable greenhouse every day. At present, the vegetables left over after being picked in the greenhouse can be eaten by chickens.

12. The chicken coop should be assigned a special person on duty. Keep at least two dogs for alert.

13. Build roads outside the chicken coop, install water, electricity, and network facilities in the chicken coop. Set up 3-4 energy-saving street lamps. A relatively strong fence is set up around the orchard to prevent chickens from being stolen and chickens escaping.

At the moment of industrial transformation and upgrading, should we wait for the formation of changes? Or should we actively participate in this tide? My personal suggestion is that although the poultry farming industry is currently experiencing pain relief, when residents’ consumption returns to normal It is the moment when high-quality ecological meat and egg products rise in the market. When free-range chickens are raised, the construction of chicken coops is a sloppy link.

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