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Ozone Sterilization: The Road To Reform Of Poultry Farming

Ozone sterilization: the road to reform of poultry farming

At present, ecological farming is paid more and more attention. Not only is the awareness of environmental protection increasing, but residents are increasingly concerned about and watching food safety issues. In the process of poultry breeding, the use of feed additives, antibiotics, and various veterinary drugs make “ecological breeding” difficult. Today, the editor of the global brand animal husbandry net tells you about the ozone sterilization and disinfection technology, hoping to help farmers and friends.
Ozone, also known as active oxygen, is a broad-spectrum high-efficiency disinfectant recognized in the world. Its bactericidal mechanism is that it acts on the cell membrane of bacteria to damage it, leading to metabolic disorders until death. The mechanism of killing viruses is to directly destroy ribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid. Ozone can kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Aspergillus flavus, etc. on the surface of air, water and general objects. The National P3 Laboratory** proved that ozone can kill the SARS virus, and the comprehensive inactivation rate of SARS virus is 99.22%.
The traditional method of raising chickens is limited breeding and all-in, all-out balanced production. It has a high stocking density and is susceptible to vertical and parallel infections. If disinfection fails to keep up, it will bring serious adverse consequences to the health of the chickens.
Now most of the breeding farms, in order to prevent plague disease, continue to feed chickens with antibiotics and vaccinations. We know that most plague diseases are spread through the air. Instead of “blocking” and “curing”, it is better to “prevent” from the source. Sterilizing, disinfecting, and purifying the air can kill pathogenic bacteria to a large extent and fundamentally solve the problem of the spread of the epidemic. Not only does medicine fail to cure the root cause, it also leaves residues in the poultry body, which creates a “potential threat” to food and is not beneficial to human health.
The application of ozone technology is an effective way for poultry farms to break through conventional technology, improve production efficiency and maintain sustainable development of meat and egg quality. Using the characteristics of ozone to sterilize, disinfect, and purify is a high-tech technology commonly used in modern poultry farms abroad.
Advantages of ozone sterilization: 1. Broad-spectrum; 2. Strong sterilization; 3. No dead spots for disinfection; 4. Green and environmental protection; 5. Abundant raw materials; 6. Reduce investment costs; 7. Increase egg production; 8. Improve Survival rate; 9. Increase sales; 10. Increase feed conversion rate.
Ozone effectively curbed the occurrence of poultry diseases, and improved the survival rate and the efficiency of chicken breeding. Broiler chickens die almost without disease. It can be released one week in advance and the laying hens can maintain a stable laying rate. Farmers master the specific application technology of ozone, which can reduce the input of antibiotics and other drugs, reduce production costs and improve the technical level of chicken raising, and improve product quality and product added value.
It can be seen that ozone sterilization can effectively control the use of medicines, conforms to the scientific development concept, and is the right choice for ecological breeding.

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