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What Are The Advantages Of The New Chicken Greenhouse

What are the advantages of the new chicken greenhouse

What are the advantages of the new chicken house? This is what many friends who want to replace the chicken house want to know. According to media reports, the new chicken house is like a production workshop with complete water and electricity facilities and automatic temperature and humidity control. The roof and walls of the house are cool. Heat insulation, heat supply, heat preservation, temperature control, cold and hot air circulation in the shed, water supply and material supply equipment are all available.

Due to the relatively closed environment of the new chicken-raising greenhouse, the chickens are not easily affected by the external climate. Coupled with the normal epidemic prevention, the infection rate of the chickens has dropped sharply, and even a 100% survival rate can be achieved under good conditions. This can reduce the risk of chicken raising and ensure It plays a very important role in improving the income of farmers.

The advantages of the new chicken-raising greenhouse are summarized in four categories

1. Strong resistance to pressure

The skeleton contains reinforced materials, which is firm and reliable, with strong resistance to pressure and good toughness. In addition, this material has good effects of waterproof, anti-corrosion and flame retardant.

2. No pillar

The large shed built by using the framework does not need to set up pillars in the shed, which solves the problems of poor lighting and low land area utilization of the traditional large shed skeleton, and effectively improves the land utilization rate of the large shed.

Three, good light transmission

The frame radian adopts the “mathematical mode” design and the “mechanical principle” in the principle of “optimal design of light transmittance of solar greenhouse”, which can absorb sunlight to the maximum in winter, and the effective sunlight transmittance is 74-85%.

Four, environmental protection and pollution-free

The flexural resistance, compression resistance and frost resistance are higher than similar products, and it is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. The service life is more than 15 years. It is widely used in the breeding industry.

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