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How Can Production Performance Be Restored After Laying Hens Are Sick?

How can production performance be restored after laying hens are sick?

1. Correct diagnosis and rational use of drugs

often carefully observe the condition of chickens, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of diseases. First of all, the diagnosis is correct, and secondly, the use of drugs must have an accurate dosage and course of treatment. It is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine or a combination of Chinese and Western therapy. In summer, the temperature is high, the feed intake of the chickens is low, and the resistance is poor. Drugs that affect the egg production rate are prohibited to prevent the egg production rate from returning to its original position. Some drugs are marked with the words “prohibited for laying hens”, which has two meanings: one is to affect egg production, and the other is to have drug residue, although it does not affect egg production (refers to the drug can remain in the egg and does not meet the food Safety).

2. Reproductive system caused by disease

Such as single infection oophoritis and salpingitis, which are manifested as abnormal egg-shaped egg color. Duzhong oral liquid and Buzhong Yiqi powder can be used to repair the fallopian tubes. After some respiratory diseases, chickens are prone to diarrhea, causing the intestinal mucosa to fall off, leading to lack of nutrients and reducing egg production. Intestinal antibacterial drugs can be used to regulate the intestine.

3. To sooth liver and kidney

After the disease, chicken farmers mostly add drugs for strengthening yang and nourishing the kidney and aphrodisiac and ovulation. They also use bile acids to sooth the liver and kidneys, lower the gallbladder and remove blood stasis, because the liver is a detoxification organ and also participates in the maturation of follicles. (Under the action of estrogen, yolk protein and lipids are formed in the liver, which are then transported to the ovary and deposited in the developing follicles.) The kidney is an excretory organ, (the kidney stores essence and qi, which is the basis of reproduction) in disease or treatment During this period, the two organs are overloaded and their functions are impaired, which will affect their egg production rate.

4. Supplement multiple vitamins and protein in time

Add a variety of vitamins to the feed, because vitamin A can speed up the repair of mucous membranes such as the respiratory tract and digestive tract, and vitamin E and vitamin C can reduce stress and enhance physical fitness. It should also increase protein to promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

5. Regulate the intestinal environment

Add EM to the feed to improve the intestinal environment, adjust the balance of the intestinal flora, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and strengthen the metabolism. Especially for chickens that have not used probiotics, the effect is more obvious.

6. Increase light time

Appropriately increase the light intensity or extend the light time after illness, especially the midnight supplementary light method (1am-2 am) and turn on the light for 1 hour. Add light and feed to increase the egg production rate. This method is indispensable when the summer heat is high.

7. Eliminate dead chickens in time

For diseases such as avian influenza and infectious bronchitis, due to the greater damage to the reproductive system, it is difficult to return to the original egg production rate after the disease. Fake hens and weak chickens often appear. They should be selected and eliminated in time to reduce unnecessary Economic losses.

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