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How To Prevent Chicken From Making Soft Eggs?

How to prevent chicken from making soft eggs?

Eggs laid by hens are generally hard-shelled, but sometimes some soft-shelled eggs are produced. They do not have a hard shell, only a thick film wraps the inside of the egg, some are white, and some Why does it appear transparent? How can chicken raw eggs be prevented?

1. Cause

1. Nutrition

Generally, the composition of hard egg shells is mainly formed by calcium. If calcium is deficient, egg shells cannot be formed. Egg yolk requires a large amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus has a great effect on the formation of egg shells, bones and cells. Insufficient calcium and phosphorus directly affect the growth of chickens. Calcium and phosphorus need to use balance. Generally, calcium is twice as much as phosphorus. Imbalance affects absorption. Vitamin D is also an important component to promote calcium and phosphorus absorption. Deficiency will result in decreased egg production, smaller eggs, and soft shells.

2. Management

Suddenly high and low temperatures will affect the development of the chicken, and then affect the feeding. Lack of nutrition can cause the eggshell to thin. Poor ventilation will cause ammonia poisoning and affect calcium absorption. The stocking is too dense, the activity is insufficient, the circulation is not good, and the calcium and phosphorus transportation is not in place. The impact of the stress response after being shocked.

3. Disease

If you have diarrhea enteritis, or if you are infected with coccidiosis, you may take a soft-shelled egg. And chicken resistance declines, weak resistance is also prone to disease.

Second, the prevention method

1. Artificial adjustment

At present, there are some additives produced for soft-shell eggs on the market, which can help adjust and prevent the occurrence of soft-shell eggs. You can choose regular and appropriate safe additives to help improve. Frequent ventilation, maintain a good air environment, pay attention to heat preservation, pay attention to temperature control, and always maintain a suitable 20 to 25 degrees to prevent it. Frequently go out to stocking activities to increase resistance.

2. Supplemental nutrition

The daily food can be fed to some food crops containing more calcium and phosphorus, and can also be supplemented with shell powder, eggshell powder, bone meal, cod liver oil to supplement calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. It should improve the situation, but you can configure it yourself Concentrated feeds increase the absorption and digestibility of feeds.

3. Disease

It is necessary to start prevention and vaccine when the seedlings are young. If the disease still occurs in adulthood, it should be used in the early stage of the disease. Penicillin and sulfonamides are generally used for treatment. Chloroguanidine is used for coccidiosis, mixed feeding at a concentration of 30 to 33 mg/kg, for 1 to 2 months.

There are many reasons for raw soft-shelled chicken eggs, some of which are light and some of them are serious. Then we must find the reason, use the correct method to improve the situation according to the symptoms, adjust well, and switch to normal egg production. If you encounter this situation, I believe you can handle it correctly.

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