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How To Improve The Evenness Of The Flock?

How to improve the evenness of the flock?

As we all know, improving the uniformity of the flock can make the peak of egg production higher, the duration is longer, and the rate of dead panning is low.

So how to improve the evenness of the flock in the breeding period?

1. The feeding density of the flock should be appropriate, and the feeding density should be determined according to the equipment and size of the chicken coop. The decrease of the feeding density will increase the evenness of the chicken.

2. Appropriate material level and water level are extremely important to improve the uniformity. If the material level and water level are insufficient, it will cause some chickens to not eat enough food and drink enough water, which will affect the improvement of the chicken’s uniformity.

3. When the chickens are sick, it will affect the evenness, and the affected chickens will often gain weight slowly and stunt.

When the flock uniformity is low, the following remedies can be taken:

1. Eliminate a part of the sick chickens with beak-cutting in 5-7 days, and pick out the weak chickens separately.

2. Chicken picking can be combined with immunization. Try not to pick chickens as often as possible to avoid stress.

3. Before the age of 6 weeks, the chickens with wrong identification, poor development and obvious disease should be selected and eliminated in time to benefit the health of the flock and reduce the feeding cost.

4. Pick the chicken as much as possible before 8 weeks to make it reach the weight standard in 10 weeks.

If you want to improve the evenness of the flock, it is not enough to pick the chickens alone, but also to prevent adenomyosis and synovial bursa in the early stage of brooding.

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