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How Much Is A Colorful Pheasant Seedling In Guangxi?

How much is a colorful pheasant seedling in Guangxi?

How much is a colorful pheasant seedling in Guangxi? The price of colorful pheasant seedlings is 3-5 yuan, so how to choose chickens is generally not to choose dry feet, eyes with feces, choose chickens with beautiful feathers and powerful eyes, and gods. Colorful pheasant breeding technology:

How much is the price of colorful pheasant seedlings?

The price of colorful pheasant fry in Guangdong Xiying Rare Poultry Farm is RMB 3.5 per bird, RMB 2.6 per bird in Zhanjiang Jinsheng Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. and RMB 5 per bird in Hunan Fengyunling Rare Bird Incubation Co. The seedling breeding base is 4 per bird. These are basically the prices of shelled pheasant chicks, while the price of de-warmed pheasant chicks is between 17-20 yuan per bird.

What is the ratio of male and female colorful pheasants?

Breeding colorful pheasants except for the first year need to buy chicks, they can be self-breeding and self-raising in the future. If you only have roosters or hens, then do n’t think about breeding and self-raising; if there are too few roosters, it is not conducive to hen mating; if too many roosters, it will interfere with hen mating and waste feed. Therefore, the male-female ratio of farmed pheasants should be appropriate, which can not only improve the fertilization rate of eggs, but also save feed expenses. So, what is the ratio of male and female breeding colorful pheasants?

In general, the suitable male to female ratio is 1: 6, and the fertilization rate of breeding eggs is as high as 89%. In order to ensure this ratio, it is appropriate to put 1: 4 ~ 5 when putting pheasant. During the breeding process, you can always choose the cock with fighting injury and no breeding ability, and no longer add the cock. In this way, the male-female ratio is basically maintained at 1: 6 throughout the breeding period, thereby maintaining the stability of the male cock.

Introduction to the complete process of colorful pheasant breeding technology!

1. Colorful pheasant seedling selection

It is understood that the price of colorful pheasant chicks on the market is about 4.5-5 yuan per one. If you have a large number of wholesales, you can negotiate with the merchants. You can choose chicks after a reasonable price. Generally, chicks are selected. When you do n’t choose dry feet, eyes with shit, choose chicks with beautiful feathers and powerful feet and eyes.

2. Construction of colorful pheasant coop

The construction of the colorful pheasant chicken coop is best in a dry, gentle, and leeward place. Among them, sand paper soil is the most suitable for the cultivation soil. After the site is selected, you can drive the wooden piles and fence, if the fence area is relatively large Then, at the place where the chickens are facing the sun, put on a shelf to cover the rainproof measures, preferably a stronger wooden pile and a rain cover. Place the troughs and drinking fountains in the area of ​​the pheasant fence. Colorful pheasants prefer sand, so you can place a pile of sand in the breeding area, but the sand must be kept clean.

3. Selection of colorful pheasant feed

The chicks I just bought are mainly based on feed and need to be fed every day. After one month of feeding, they can adapt to the environment and then feed some cooked corn together with millet hulls, and wait until 3 months. It is sufficient to feed the millet directly, but it is best to feed them together, so as to help maintain a balanced nutrition and help the colorful pheasant grow up quickly.

4. Colorful pheasant rear management

(1) Diseases will occur during the breeding of colorful pheasants. If a chicken has a disease, it will be isolated and fed immediately, otherwise it will be transmitted to other chickens, and then put into the population after the treatment is completed.

(2) Pay attention to the hygiene work during the cut-off time. The colorful pheasant requires you to clean it in time. If it is not cleaned, many diseases will be transmitted.

(3) During the breeding process, pay attention to prevent the entry of rats, snakes, and weasels. They will eat pheasants, which will lead to a reduction in production. If they enter, they must be driven away.

The above 4 points are about the complete process of colorful pheasant breeding technology, I hope to help the host to friends in need.

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