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Safety Accident Of Power Failure In Chicken Farm In Summer!

Safety accident of power failure in chicken farm in summer!

Power outages in the high-temperature summer season occur every year, causing huge losses. The scene of the power outage accident is shocking. The white piece of the sky is really a dead chicken. Survived.

But this is the case, some farm owners have no power generation equipment in the chicken farm, they feel that they have raised eighty eight chickens, the power is off, open the door, open the window, can stand for a while, wait for the electricity to come, and completely pin their hopes on others In some large-scale chicken farms, there are generators, but the usual maintenance and maintenance are not enough, which causes the chain to fall off at a critical time, can not afford electricity, and watched the chicken house ruined. This is the lesson of blood.

Here are some personal opinions on the countermeasures during the high temperature period and the maintenance and maintenance of the generator:

1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, make predictions in advance, and plan ahead.

2. During the hot season, the chicken farm electrician is required to stand by at any time, and must not leave the field.

3. Do a good job of alternate duty system, change the meal at noon, and make sure that the chicken coop does not leave people. In the event of a power outage emergency, it is discovered and dealt with as soon as possible.

4. Continuously patrol the chicken house, pay attention to the changes in the chicken house, and adjust the ventilation.

5. Rinse the water line regularly to make sure it is not leaking and smooth. There is no shortage of water in the pipeline, and the problem here is terrible.

6. Feeding in the cool time of morning and evening.

7. Always pay attention to the operation of ventilation equipment. Do it early, such as breaking the belt, tripping, and opening blinds.

8. Ensure that the water in the chicken house water pipe is cool, so that it can be pumped at any time.

Maintenance and maintenance of generator:

1. Regularly test the generator. Twice a week +

2. Periodically recharge the electric starting power supply-battery.

3. The diesel fuel should be sufficient. At least one day’s consumption should be stored.

4. The water in the water tank should be full and sufficient.

5. Ensure the smooth and correct wiring of the generator line to avoid accidents.

6. It is necessary for large-scale field to connect the backup line to prevent unexpected situations such as burning the line, and start the backup line.

7. Large-scale chicken farms must have backup generators.

8. Make sure that all management personnel of the chicken farm will start the generator and deal with simple faults.

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