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Manure Removal PP Belt Cleaning

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Manure removal PP belt cleaning system: Belt 1.0 mm PVC material with Nylon mesh Getting off frame For the front Middle and end rows;Hot deep galvanized materia


Manure Removal PP belt cleaning system

►Manure removal belt cleaning system Description

  • The emergence of a complete set of automatic cleaning device for aquaculture equipment of waste, saving clean the hen house waste time for farmers, also save a lot of labor costs for farmers coop conveyor nightsoil machine is an automatic nightsoil coop chicken farm equipment, divided into nightsoil system, horizontal and vertical nightsoil system suitable for cascading laying hens caged and cascading chicken caged nightsoil

►The mechanical parameters of manure removal belt cleaning system

  • Manure Belt: 1.0 mm PVC material with Nylon mesh
  • Getting off frame:For the front Middle and end rows; Hot deep galvanized materials
  • Motor Power: 1.5 KW/ 3 phase Industrial power,Manure belt running speed of 3.0m/min
  • Range of application:Layer or broiler chicken farm “H” type 3tiers,4tiers,5tiers,6tiers

►The structure of manure removal belt cleaning system

  • It is composed of: motor deceleration device, chain drive, main and forced roller, fecal belt, etc., which is used in the cascade type chicken cage equipment. The conveyor type manure cleaning machine fecal plate is installed under each layer of chicken cage.

►Working principle of manure removal belt cleaning system :

  • when nightsoil machine start nightsoil machine consists of motor, reducer through chain stocks move automatically work roll of each layer under forced to roll and automatic roll extrusion friction, stocks move belt along the length direction, bearing dung will chicken manure to the end, dung plate shave is set by your end, then nightsoil end work

►Advantages manure removal belt cleaning system:

  1. conveyor type manure cleaning system can dry chicken manure into granules, and the reuse rate of chicken manure is high.
  2. you can directly send the chicken manure to the manure removal truck outside the poultry house.
  3. chicken manure in the poultry house without fermentation, so that the house air fresh.
  4. the use of special PP, rubber, nylon and other anti-aging materials, with sunscreen, cold, acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant super thick characteristics, extend the service life
  5. manure cleaning using high quality PP conveyor belt, good tensile resistance, long service life.Horizontal manure cleaning belt USES rubber conveyor belt, conveying process does not leak manure, do not drop manure.

For more information on chicken farming equipment:

Using layer chicken cage equipment produced by xiangfa company, the automatic control of feeding system, egg collecting machine system and chicken manure removal cleaning system can be realized, which has the advantages of easy operation, higher productivity and higher economic benefits

Manure removal PP cleaning system


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