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Local Chicken Breeding Method And Breeding Mode

Local chicken breeding method and breeding mode

After native chicken farming has become a new direction, the choice of native chicken breeding mode has become a problem. The current native chicken breeding models include ground level raising mode, cage mode, metal net level raising mode, and grazing farm mode of native chicken in fruit forest park. Semi-grazing breeding mode of native chickens in fruit forest park and wasteland. In different breeding modes, the methods of domestic chicken breeding are also different.

Raising in the orchard park

Facing the deteriorating environment, the outstanding performance in rural areas is the dry-flow and pollution of rivers, and the garbage and fertility of the land have begun to affect people’s health. As a representative of the concept of green ecological breeding, free-range chickens are cruel. The natural return in the face of reality. According to experiments, the technology of purse seine and free-range chickens can not only promote the growth of fruit trees and crops, play a role in insect and weed control, but also reduce feeding costs, reduce the use of veterinary drugs, and improve overall benefits .

The local chicken breeding methods in the fruit forest park are mainly manifested in several aspects, such as creating a good breeding environment, planting high-quality pastures, breeding fly maggots, and scientific immunity.

Raising native chickens in the orchard park should make full and reasonable use of local natural resources, create a beautiful breeding environment, and realize the healthy growth of chickens. Planting high-quality forages can reduce feed costs. Generally, alfalfa and white clover are better for legumes. Fly maggot protein is very beneficial to the growth and development of native chickens and the improvement of meat and egg quality, and the breeding of fly maggots from chicken manure can improve breeding efficiency. Chinese herbal medicine is often used to treat diseases. In addition to common vaccine injections, it is best to use Chinese medicine to reduce drug residues.

Metal net flat rearing mode

Farmers should appropriately remodel the chicken house according to the number of their own. The indoor floor is required to be a cement floor, with windows and floor windows, to allow sufficient air circulation and lighting, and to make a net bed. The number of net beds is determined by the number of chickens raised, and is generally calculated at 45-20 per square meter (the density in the early stage is higher).

The first layer of the net bed is 40 cm high from the ground, the height of the net bed is 30 cm, and the distance between the upper and lower layers is 20 cm. The top of the first and second layers of the net bed should be placed with a manure board (three-layer board available).

Choose the feed with comprehensive nutrition, good palatability and easy consumption, and then properly match other feeds to raise chickens to ensure the normal growth and development of chickens. Doing a good job in immunization and disinfection of chickens to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases is the key to the success of large-scale chicken farming. Therefore, we must do a good job in immunization, disinfection and epidemic prevention, reduce chicken deaths, and increase survival rates and commodity rates.

The farming methods of native chickens are different under different farming modes, but as a whole, the farming methods also revolve around the chicken environment, chicken nutrition, disease control, and immune prevention.

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