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Keeping Chickens To Make More Money, These “6 Tips” To Know

Keeping chickens to make more money, these “6 tips” to know

At present, many people go back to the countryside to start farming and entrepreneurship, and most of them choose to raise chickens as a more choice. But in fact, even if chickens are started up, not everyone can make money. Some breeders make money, but some lose money?

Some make more money and some make less? Like for raising broilers, the risk is greater, but there are still people who make a lot of money, why? Because they have methods and know-how, how can they raise chickens to make more money? Please see the following six tips for raising chickens. If you are familiar with it, it will help you save money and make more money.

Tip 1: Don’t accept high-priced chicks

After deciding the time to receive the chickens in general, on the basis of ensuring the quality of the chicks, try not to accept high-priced chicks. Two days from the variance, some breeders offer chicks for 1.75 yuan per bird, some for 1.10 yuan per bird, the single chick fee difference is 0.65 yuan, according to feeding 5000 chicks, that is 3250 yuan savings.

Tip two: do not eat high-priced materials

For chicken farmers, no matter what brand of feed is used, as long as the ratio of feed to meat is low, safety and compliance, and healthy chickens are good feed. Some bags have a difference of 3 yuan. According to the 5,000 chickens, the average weight of the slaughter is 2.5 kg, about 5 kg of feed, and the survival rate of the chicken is 96%. The feed cost can be saved by 3 × (5000 × 0.96 × 5 × 40) , Which is 1800 yuan.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the survival rate of chickens

From the day when the chickens are picked up, scientific management must not be a little bit numb and slack, and the complete process must be taken step by step. The survival rate of chickens raised by some breeders is 98%, and some are 88%. The difference between the two is 500. The net profit of 1 chicken is 1.40 yuan, the price of chicks is 1.50 yuan per bird, and the average feeding cost is the average weight of 1 chicken dead. 0.7 kg, about 1.4 kg of feed, feed price of 2.00 yuan / kg, medicine cost 0.2 yuan / piece, the survival rate is different, the difference between the two is 500 × 1.4 + 500 × 1.5 + 500 × (1.4 × 2 + 0.2), which is 2950 yuan.

Tip four: try to reduce the cost of single chicken medicine

Do not blindly administer drugs, increase the amount of drugs blindly, and do not blindly use mixed drugs. At the time when chickens are prone to disease, choose a better drug, determine a better dosage, determine a better method, and administer drugs in time to prevent and control diseases. For example, some breeders raise a batch of chickens at 1.50 yuan per chicken, some breeders cost 0.80 yuan, a chicken differs by 0.70 yuan, and 5000 chickens differ by 3500 yuan.

Tip five: increase the average weight of slaughter

In daily management, strict control of the six common diseases (transmittance, bursal bladder, Newcastle disease, enteritis, E. coli, coccidia), together with high-quality feed, is the key to further increase the weight of chickens. And to control the needs of the six major diseases in a timely manner, according to the epidemic characteristics of chicken diseases, according to the age at which chickens are prone to disease, implement a complete and useful anti-epidemic and disease prevention program.

To control six diseases, the most important thing is to control enteritis, control enteritis, the chicken is willing to eat and eat, can eat more and digest well, then gain weight quickly, the chicken’s immunity against disease increases, to ensure the weight before slaughter increase. For example, for a group of chickens, the same breeding period, some slaughter weight 2.5 kg, feed ratio 1.98: 1, some slaughter weight 2.8 kg, feed ratio 1.94: l, 2.00 yuan per 1 kg feed, 5000 chickens The ratio of feed to meat is 2 yuan × (1.98-1.94) × 2.5 × 5000, which means that the feed is saved by 1,000 yuan.

Tip six: Strive to sell a good offer

Determine the time to pick up the baby and predict the delivery time. The shopping mall is economical and the quotation is not stable. Collect the information before delivery and grasp the quotation. According to the situation of the flock and the quotation of the mall, determine the better delivery time. If there is a difference of two days, the price per kilogram of chicken is usually 0.20 yuan. According to the average weight of 2.5 kilograms, if the difference is 0.50 yuan, the difference is 2500 yuan.

From the above analysis, if the above items are added up, 5000 chickens will be 15,000 yuan. What a shocking figure is that the money that the chickens earn is originally the details of the money. Therefore, our chicken farmers should calculate it well. The savings can be saved, and the benefits can be enhanced, so that we can also make more money in chickens.

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