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How To Raise Chickens Without Resistance Environment?

How to raise chickens without resistance environment?

Faced with increasingly severe food safety issues, the aquaculture industry has been pushed to the forefront. Drug residues are no longer a matter of concern for a few scientists, but a matter of concern to all mankind. The country’s increasingly strict restrictions on the use of antibiotics have forced veterinary drug companies to standardize.

However, for people who raise chickens, the worry is becoming more and more obvious. Many people will ask: What should I do if the chicken is sick without antibiotics? Do you watch it die? This question led us to deep thinking. Is it really impossible to raise chickens without antibiotics? Not exactly.

In the past, most people didn’t pay much attention to prevention and health care, but simply pursued treatment. Even if there is a concept that prevention is more important than cure, I don’t know how to prevent it. There is no theoretical support. I just add some antibiotics for prevention based on my feelings, and ultimately it will not produce good results. Therefore, the concept of preventive medicine is weak. I think that the treatment will come quickly and the effect will be visible. In order to pursue good results, people continue to develop advanced antibiotics. However, with the continuous upgrade of therapeutic drugs, the drug resistance of bacteria is also continuously upgraded. Not only have the tenacious bacteria not been eliminated, but they have become stronger and stronger. At this time, we realized that we cannot catch up with the development of the disease. If we are not hit by the disease, we only have to walk in front of it and find a way to stop it.

How to stop it? The most effective way is health care and prevention. Only when the prevention is done and the disease is not ill can we get rid of the trouble of relying on antibiotics. So how to prevent and care? How can it be effective? If the prevention is not good, not only does it have no effect, but does it increase the difficulty of treatment and the cost of medication?

In fact, prevention and health care are based on theory, and it is not enough to just say it.

First: It is necessary to enhance the body’s non-specific immunity and disease resistance.

People usually only focus on specific immunization and immunization with various vaccines, but they ignore non-specific immunization, often stimulating immune organs, resulting in a decline in immune function. Although the results of various antibody tests in the body are high, they still can’t stand some Stronger stress, with a little external stimulus, the chickens became ill. According to Chinese medicine theory, non-specific immunity is called “qi and blood”. Strong qi and blood means a strong body, a ruddy complexion, smooth breathing, and no invasion. Qi deficiency is weak, and blood deficiency is weak. It is a sub-health state and can’t stand the invasion of foreign evils.

Second: It is to adjust the functions of the five internal organs so that the five elements can be balanced and the function is strong.

Five organs correspond to five elements: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney correspond to wood, fire, earth, gold, water. The five elements interact with each other, wood fire, fire earth, earth gold, gold water, water wood. The balance of the five elements allows the body to be strong and a normal state. So: liver is good, heart is good, heart is good, spleen is good, spleen is good, lung is good, lung is good, kidney is good. On the contrary, it is the combination of the five elements. If there is a problem with any organ, other organs will be implicated, so that the body is sub-healthy, and it is easy to get sick.

The various inflammations that we usually see, such as perihepatitis, pericarditis, pneumonia, and air sac inflammation, are all products of the struggle between internal organs and diseases, and are all appearances. The real cause of death of chickens is organ failure and blood loss. Therefore, our usual prevention should not only focus on anti-inflammatory, but should pay more attention to conditioning the five internal organs, qi and blood.

Third: It is necessary to adjust the function of the gastrointestinal tract, enhance the body’s digestive function, comprehensive absorption of nutrients, and improve feed utilization.

Continuous use of antibiotics will cause intestinal flora imbalance, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, diarrhea, feed can not be digested, nutrients can not be fully absorbed. This seems to be a reason that many people understand. But when actually doing things, there are many people who blindly take medicine without regard to all this. For short-term efficacy, quickly reduce deaths, desperately use antibiotics. As a result, the chicken’s life is preserved, but the weight is not up, and the feed ratio is increased, which is still not cost-effective. Therefore, when raising chickens, you must not be able to do so quickly, and destroy the intestinal balance of the chickens. You cannot delay a large number of good chickens for a few sick chickens.

Fourth: It is necessary to improve the environment of the chicken house and keep the air fresh. Let the chickens have a good mood.

No need to say more about this matter. Everyone understands that in a good environment, you will have a good mood, and you will feel healthy and healthy. Fresh air, smooth breathing, sufficient oxygen, and active brain. The so-called refreshing spirit, all diseases disappeared. Otherwise, the air is not good, the chest is suffocated, upset and irritable, the mind is dizzy and drowsy. A serious illness followed. This is true of humans, as is the case of chickens.

We need to understand the physiology and psychology of chickens, and make corresponding health care plans according to the root causes of the disease. It is not easy to get sick. If you get sick less often, the chicken business will be handy and easier. Let’s take a step back and say that even if a serious disease is prevalent and cannot be prevented, as long as the body’s blood and blood are not deficient, the five elements are balanced, the treatment will be much easier, and it will not appear how resistant the bacteria are.

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