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How To Make Laying Hens High Yield On Hot Days?

How to make laying hens high yield on hot days?

The effect of hot weather on layer hens is very large, but if you want to keep layer hens high production. Farmers need to do the following management work.

1. Heatstroke prevention

The most suitable temperature for laying hens is 13℃-25℃. To this end, the shed and the sports ground should be shaded by a pergola to avoid direct sunlight, open doors, windows and vents to maintain air circulation, and apply white paint to the outer wall of the henhouse. Insist on leaving early and closing late every day.

Second, adjust the diet structure

Properly reduce the energy feed in the diet, increase protein-rich and mineral-rich feeds such as bean cake, fish meal, maggots, earthworms, fish and shrimp, silkworm pupae, feeding yeast, meat meal, etc., so that the protein content reaches 18%-20%, and supply Sufficient green and juicy feed.

3. Careful feeding

Concentrate on feeding in the cool morning and evening, avoid feeding in the noon. The compound feed should be fed with the mix, not overnight. Add high-quality fresh and clean green-green succulent feed, cut it properly, and do not feed rot, mold, yellowing, metamorphism, or forages and feed with pesticides. Provide fresh and clean drinking water every day, add a small amount of salt and chili powder to increase the appetite of laying hens, but the amount should not be too much.

Fourth, prevent stress

Add 0.1% fumaric acid or 0.05% vitamin B12 and vitamin C, 50ppm-100ppm bacitracin zinc and 0.15% ammonium chloride in the feed; add 0.63% saline and 0.2% baking soda and other anti-stress substances in the drinking water, can Inhibits central nervous system activity and significantly improves chickens’ ability to resist heat stress. In addition, take 30 grams each of Daqingye and Sophora flavescens, 20 grams each of Rhizoma Imperatae and Elsholtzia root, 25 grams each of Atractylodes macrocephala and Forsythia, 100 grams gypsum, and feed 100 kilograms of feed into the chicken at the end of the study. The effect of anti-stress and egg production.

Fifth, cut feathers reasonably

There is no sweat gland on the chicken body surface. The feathers on the chest, abdomen, inner thighs, and under the wings of the layer can be shortened, leaving only 1 cm long, which can increase the egg production rate by 15%-20%.

VI. Reasonable density and light

Properly reduce the feeding density of laying hens. Generally, it is appropriate to raise 3-4 chickens per square meter for ground chickens. Increase the perch to prevent the chickens from resting in the egg box; it is better to raise 10 chickens per square meter of cage bottom area for caged chickens.

Intermittent light is used when the house temperature is above 25°C, that is, 10 hours of light (8 o’clock-18 o’clock), 5 hours of darkness (18 o’clock-23 o’clock), 2 hours of light (23 o’clock-1 o’clock the next day), 7 hours of darkness (1 o’clock-8 o’clock), can increase the egg production rate by 5%-10%.

Seven, scientific calcium supplement

Laying hens need about 4 grams to 4.4 grams of calcium per egg. For this reason, the calcium content in the diet of laying hens is preferably 3%-3.5%. It is best to feed chickens high-calcium feed from 12 o’clock to 18 o’clock every day. Generally, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the feed is 2:1:1 to 1:1, and the absorption rate is higher. At the same time, it is required to add vitamin D and vitamin C to the feed, which is helpful to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium, improve the eggshell hardness and egg production.

8. Anti-Laying Hens

Add 5% fried hot hemp seed to feed the chicken, or give chicken muscle testosterone propionate (25mg each), or feed to pain tablets (2 tablets each), isoniazid (1 tablet each) ), ephedrine (1 tablet each) and other medicines have the effect of preventing chickens from “hooking”.

Nine, do a good job of health and epidemic prevention

Remove feces in a timely manner, clean the feed trough and water trough, disinfect the chicken house with 3% lesul solution or 20% lime milk every 1 to 3 weeks. Spray insecticides regularly on the walls, egg boxes, perch and environment of the chicken coop to prevent mosquitoes and bites. There is a sand pond in the chicken coop. Put appropriate amount of sulfur and lime in the pond to let the chicken sand bath to kill the surface parasites. Often 0.5% potassium permanganate is added to drinking water. Regular injections of various blight (bacterial) vaccines to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, using sulfa-6-methoxine, chlorphenguanidine, amphetrine, coccidia and other feeds to feed alternately to prevent coccidiosis.

10. Cleverly remove harmful gases

Hot day chicken manure, etc. are very easy to ferment and produce many harmful gases, causing respiratory diseases in laying hens and affecting egg production. The following methods can effectively remove harmful gases. One is to mix 7 parts of ferrous sulfate powder and 3 parts of dry coal ash every week, and scatter into the chicken house according to 10% of the weight of chicken manure, which can remove ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the house; Mix 5 kg of sulfur powder to make the PH value less than 7 and reduce the production of ammonia gas; three is to use 350 g of superphosphate per 50 chickens, the effective time is 5-7 days; the fourth is to use wormwood, atractylodes, Appropriate amounts of large green leaves, garlic, and straw are placed in the chicken house and burned, which can inhibit and kill bacteria, and deodorize once every 10 days.

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