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cheap bunny cages

cheap bunny cages  At present, chicken farmers talk about “poultry” discoloration. How can chicken farms prevent avian influenza? In view of the current situation of chicken farms that have not been infected by the epidemic, it is particularly important to clean up the disinfection box of chicken farms.

The disinfection procedure is as follows:

1. Spray disinfection: The chicken house has been raised, and after the previous batch of chickens are eliminated, preliminary disinfection should be carried out before cleaning and cleaning. Use ordinary disinfectants (organochlorine, peroxacin, iodophor, 1210, peracetic acid, etc.) to spray disinfect the chicken house to make the environment in the chicken house moist and prevent dust from flying during cleaning.

2. Cleaning materials: remove the utensils, dismantle the scaffolds, and move the laying bins, drinking water, feeding materials (except mechanical feeding), and manure cleaning tools out of the designated place outside the house for washing, drying, and disinfection.

3. Chicken house cleaning: first clean the chicken manure in the house, and then thoroughly clean the chicken house, including the ceiling, dead ends, chicken coops, chicken racks, chicken coop walls, ground, etc.

4. Washing: Use a high-pressure water gun to thoroughly wash the ceiling, dead ends, walls, chicken cages, chicken nets, and the ground of the cleaned chicken coop, so that there is no dust, spider webs, etc. in the chicken coop. No chicken manure should be left on the bottom of the chicken coop and chicken grid, so that the house can be truly clean.

5. Flame disinfection: Use flame torches or other fire appliances to burn all the surfaces in the house (for plastic or wooden appliances, pay attention to fire prevention and protection) to achieve the purpose of surface sterilization.

6. ​​Equipment reset: move the buckets, troughs, drinking fountains and other utensils that have been cleaned and disinfected after removal to the house, and install and debug normally. Lay out litter when the ground is flat.

7. Spray disinfection: When the temperature in the house is above 25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is above 60%, close the doors, windows and ventilation holes, and spray disinfection with strong disinfectants. Can choose 2 to 3% caustic soda water (prohibited for metal products), formaldehyde (directly sprayed after dilution with water 1:1), 10% lime water, etc. The spraying procedure is ground → ceiling → wall → chicken coop (or scaffold) and equipment → ground. Spray disinfection must adhere to the steps of disinfection → drying the chicken house → re-disinfection → re-drying to ensure the effect.

8. Fumigation and disinfection: After the above steps are completed, close the doors, windows and vents of the chicken house to increase the temperature in the house to above 25 degrees Celsius and relative humidity above 60%. Use formaldehyde and potassium permanganate (42ml formaldehyde per cubic meter of space) , 21g potassium permanganate) fumigation for 24h, and open the doors and windows three days before entering the chicken to emit the smell. The emptying time should be no less than three weeks.

To prevent bird flu, the chicken house and its equipment must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Check and repair water supply, power supply, ventilation, chicken house rain protection, chicken house insulation facilities, mouse hole, door and window glass in time.

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