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What Are The Ways Of Broiler Breeding

What are the ways of broiler breeding

Broiler farming is now very popular. People in many areas are raising broilers, so what are the ways of broiler farming? How are broilers raised?

What are the ways of breeding broilers?

There are two main broiler farming models:

One is ground raising: it is to spread a layer of soft bedding such as rice husks on the ground of the poultry house, and the breeding management of broilers is raised on the bedding;

Disadvantages: The ground makes the chicken cold and causes diarrhea and other symptoms. Direct contact between chicken and chicken manure is not conducive to the control of intestinal diseases, especially E. coli and coccidiosis.

The second is online flat raising: This method is to put broilers on the net bed for rearing, because of reducing the direct contact of broilers with feces and pollutants, the incidence rate is greatly reduced.

Disadvantages: Only one batch of chickens is slaughtered once, so a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide will remain in the house.

Broiler breeding technology

(1), management

For 5-9 day old, 12-15 day old, 20-24 day old broilers, it is necessary to take measures to improve immunity, and also control broiler bursal disease

(2), light

Because the chicks have weak eyesight, and the strong light is beneficial for the chicks to feed, it is necessary to raise the brood with strong light.

(3), density

The broiler breeding density should not be too large, generally according to the breeding amount of two-thirds or three-quarters of the actual breeding amount.

(4), temperature

Regarding brooding, the editor recommends that farmers can adopt a method of high temperature brooding, because high temperature is conducive to the absorption of yolk of chickens, thereby increasing maternal antibody, and later chickens are not prone to illness, and only 5% of chickens in the flock are breathless The rest of the chickens are kept apart, and they rarely get together.

(5), oil seedlings

If broilers are raised in winter, fresh oil must be made, and each broiler is injected with 0.4-0.5 mL.

(6), expansion group

In the process of breeding broilers, it is necessary to expand the group in time to ensure the freshness of the air in the chicken house.

(7), drug addition

When feeding broilers, liquid garlic and de-enzyme preparations can be added to effectively prevent certain diseases.

(8), Chinese medicine feeding

Regular and long-term use of Qingwen Baidu San, Fuzheng Jiedu San, and Jing Fang Bai Du San (Jing Fang Bai Du San in winter) can effectively treat other diseases that follow the cold.

(9) Drinking water management

Strengthen drinking water control, Shuangyaoji can kill E. coli, Salmonella, mold, etc. in the water, so you can regularly clean the waterline and long-term drinking with Sikaya, which can prevent the waterline from plugging and reduce intestinal diseases happened.

(10) Feed intake of broilers

To control the intake of broilers, not to eat more, it is necessary to make broilers feel hungry every day and reduce the burden of kidney and liver.

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