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What Are The Prospects For The Breeding Of Chai Chicken?

What are the prospects for the breeding of chai chicken?

At present, there are not many breeds in China, and the terminal demand is very good. Coupled with the unique advantages of the chicken, the price is more expensive than other breeds of chicken, so the breeding prospect is also very good. Raising chickens is subsidized, but you need to meet the conditions to get subsidies.

Does the government have subsidies for raising chicken?

Yes, but conditions are required.

1. Application conditions

(1) A chicken farmer needs to have a “Certificate of Qualification for Animal Epidemic Prevention Conditions”, and there is no quality or other animal epidemic accident within two years before applying.

(2) Chicken subsidies are not available to all chicken farmers and have certain policy standards. The national policy standard is to breed more than 10,000 laying hens, and the annual slaughter of broiler chickens should be more than 100,000.

(3) Site construction, scale, environmental sanitation, breeding quality and other indicators of chicken coops must meet the national requirements. It needs to be reported by the farmer after reaching a certain target, and the subsidy funds will not be issued until approved and accepted.

2. Scope of subsidies

(1) According to the principles of openness, voluntariness, and direct benefit, from the start of construction and the completion of the renovation in the same year, it meets the requirements of the construction standard for laying hens standardized scale farms (communities), and the commercial hen scale farms with 10,000 to 50,000 birds (Household) and key counties supported by laying hens.

(2) Annual sales of more than 100,000, and the number of single-house chickens is more than 5,000, the subsidy standard is 350,000; the number of broilers is more than 10 million, the subsidy standard is 3-10 million.

(3) Breeder farms and stock hen breeding farms (households) with more than 50,000 and less than 10,000 birds are not covered by this subsidy.

3. Amount of subsidy

According to different breeding scales of layer farms (households), the reform of standardization construction content is divided into the following four grades to provide subsidies:

The breeding scale is 10000-19999 birds, and the average subsidy per household is 80,000 yuan;

The breeding scale is 20,000-29999 pigeons, with an average subsidy of 100,000 yuan per household;

The breeding scale is 30,000-39999 pigeons, with an average subsidy of 120,000 yuan per household;

Feeding regulations of 40,000 to 50,000 pigeons, with an average subsidy of 150,000 yuan per household.

Note: After the above subsidies have reached the subsidy standard and scope, the local industry and commerce bureau will investigate, and then the local agricultural management department will apply for the subsidy.

4. Other subsidies for raising chickens

(1) Hydropower subsidies for chicken breeding. Encourage the use of barren hills, gully, barren hills, barren beaches, etc. to develop breeding; exempt from groundwater resource fees; enjoy agricultural electricity prices.

(2) Subsidies for epidemic hunting and killing. There will also be a corresponding amount of subsidies for epidemic killing, but the specific amount of subsidies shall be based on the policies announced by the local government.

(3) Support subsidies for chicken breeding. Breeding 500-3000 layer hens can apply for subsidies of 20,000-100,000 free support subsidies, 1-5 million interest-free loans; 3000-12000 layer hens can apply for subsidies of 100,000-500,000 free support subsidies, 5-20 interest-free loans.

What are the prospects for the breeding of Chai chicken?

1. The market competitiveness of chai chicken breeding is actually very large, because we all know that there are many chicken breeds on the market, so the risks of breeding also exist. However, the breeding of chai hens in the market is still profitable, mainly because the market supply of chai chicken eggs is far from enough, so it is still necessary to increase the egg production of chai chickens.

2. The prospect of breeding chai chicken is still very good. Mainly due to changes in the environment and lifestyles, children ’s hospitals are full every time the flu season comes. In order to ensure the health of their children and enhance their physique, many people will let their children eat safe and healthy food, Chai chicken, Chai eggs It has become the choice of many families. And now friends in big cities are very concerned about agricultural products, they will choose high-quality to buy, so the prospects for breeding chickens are still very impressive.

3. Now the market for Chaiji is not saturated, but others are already ahead of you. You have more experience and sales than you. All you can do is to improve the quality and constantly introduce new ones to seize the market. In addition to being able to make money in the Chaiji market, Chaiji is also a great potential business opportunity. Because everyone’s requirements for the quality of agricultural products continue to increase, and now Chai Eggs is very popular in the city, many friends will entrust relatives in the countryside to purchase Chai Eggs, and then everyone can seize the business opportunities.

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