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Chicken Egg Collecting System

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Chicken Egg Collecting System :The egg conveying system has a speed of 5 meters/min, a conveyor belt width of 480 MM, and a conveying capacity of 40,000 eggs/h


Chicken Egg Collecting System Central Egg collecting

►Specifications of Chicken Egg Collecting System :

XIANGFA poultry equipent company has the most advanced automatic elevating pick up egg system, a complete set of EQUIPMENT, reasonable structure, corrosion resistance, long service life of the central the eggs, eggs from the hen house front end can be directly transferred to the egg inside the room, reduce the breeding personnel activities within the hen house, thereby reducing the impact on the living of laying hens, at the same time to ensure the safety of the hen house internal environment and external contaminants

►Characteristics of Chicken Egg Collecting System Central Egg collecting

The egg conveying system has a speed of 5 meters/min, a conveyor belt width of 480MM, and a conveying capacity of 40,000 eggs/hour. The egg conveying system is necessary for large farms to collect eggs, and a safe and efficient egg collecting system is a guarantee for the profits of the farms

►construction features of Chicken Egg Collecting:

(1) components:

this machine is composed of egg uploading system, soft broken egg filtering system, egg collecting belt and egg front collecting system

(2) base:

the frame is welded with high-quality c-shaped steel. The frame is designed by engineers who have many years of experience in structural design

(3) egg uploading system:

the egg uploading system is driven by a hollow worm gear reducer with high transmission efficiency, which is driven without loss. The failure rate is low, the life is long, the operation is stable and the noise is small, which can reduce the impact of noise on chickens and improve the egg production rate

(4) soft broken egg filtration system:

the transmission mechanism of the soft broken egg filtration system adopts chain, sprocket transmission, and the transmission is smooth. This system is mainly installed according to the needs of customers to leak soft eggs into the soft egg tray below to prevent the broken egg mucus from sticking to the uploading system during the transportation of soft eggs and contaminate the finished eggs

(5) the egg egg belt and sets belt drive system:

by the transmission efficiency of hollow worm gear speed reducer drive, thus ensure the egg conveyor belt running smoothly drive roller is made of high quality rubber, increased the friction with the conveyor belt, to prevent losing send slip-adjusting conveyor belt skid and is made of high quality material, has good abrasion resistance decorative pattern on the surface of the long life prevent eggs in the retention phenomenon occurred in the process of delivery

(6) egg front-end collection system:

the main purpose is to collect eggs from the uploading system.Ensure that the egg rolls properly and does not allow egg retention.

(7) power distribution system:

the power distribution system is designed by professional electrical engineers with national standard electrical appliances.Save manpower, easy to manage. Also according to the user’s needs to design a variety of electrical control systems.

For more information on chicken farming equipment:

Using layer chicken cage equipment produced by xiangfa company, the automatic control of feeding system, egg collecting machine system and chicken manure removal cleaning system can be realized, which has the advantages of easy operation, higher productivity and higher economic benefits

Chicken Egg Collecting System Central Egg collecting

Chicken Egg Collecting System


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