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Methods To Increase Egg Production Of Three Yellow Chickens

Methods to increase egg production of three yellow chickens

What are the ways to increase the egg production of three-yellow chickens? The original meaning of three-yellow chickens refers to chickens with yellow feathers, yellow beaks, and yellow feet. In addition, they also require yellow skin. This kind of chicken has strong viability, high egg production, and fresh meat. Excellent characteristics, crispy skin and soft bones, plump fat. Although the egg production of three yellow chickens is high, there are many feasible ways to increase the egg production of three yellow chickens with the help of scientific breeding methods.

What are the methods to increase the egg production of three-yellow chickens? Egg production is a comprehensive indicator of the breeding, nutrition, feeding and management techniques of three-yellow chicken breeders. Insufficiency in any aspect may lead to a drop in egg production. In actual production, it is not easy to maintain the high egg production of three-yellow chicken breeders. This is also a scientific and technological problem that various breeds of Sanhuang chicken breeders need to solve. Production units raising three-yellow chicken breeders all over the world have the problem of low egg production.

1. Physiological factors

In terms of physiological factors, there are five factors affecting egg production: egg production intensity, sexual maturity, cuddling, winter rest and egg production durability. These factors are traits that can be inherited, and can also be changed through feeding and management techniques. Restricted feeding technology is an effective means to improve the physiological characteristics of chickens and increase egg production, which is proved by scientific research and production practice. Therefore, to increase egg production, it is necessary to implement restricted feeding technology. The humectancy can be changed manually. Winter rest and egg-laying durability can be changed by the choice of brooding season and artificial lighting.

2. Genetic factors

What are the ways to increase the egg production of three-yellow chickens? Egg production is an important quantitative trait of chickens, which is closely related to the physiological conditions, genetic factors, nutritional conditions and external environmental conditions of the chicken itself. Improve the three-yellow chicken breeders from the aspect of genetic breeding The egg production is very effective and the main technical means. According to measurements, the heritability of the egg production of 500-day-old chickens is 0.25 to 0.35. At the same time, the egg production of three-yellow chickens varies greatly between individuals. For example, the individual egg production of Shiqi hybrid chickens ranges from dozens to 277. By continuously selecting many individuals with high egg production to form a core group, it will gradually increase The egg production of offspring is completely feasible. When Shiqi hybrid chicken was first introduced in 1981, the egg production was only more than 100. After several generations of selection, the egg production has increased to about 140. For the three-yellow chicken breeds bred by multiple crosses, while considering the meat traits, breeds or strains with higher egg production should be selected as the ancestral parents, and the egg production of the female parent of the hybrid parents may be higher.

3. Environmental factors

Improving the local environmental conditions of breeder flocks is an important aspect of increasing egg production, including ideas to control the temperature of the chicken house or as close as possible to 15℃~25℃, reduce the stress of various factors, and provide a comfortable and quiet environment, etc. .

Four, nutritional factors

What are the methods to increase the egg production of three-yellow chickens? The nutritional conditions of feed are another important factor that affects egg production. It must meet the various nutrients and requirements of three-yellow chicken breeders to lay eggs. Generally, the laying period of breeders is required Feed nutrition is 17%-18% crude protein, metabolizable energy 10.89-11.62 MJ/kg, calcium 3.25%-3.50%, phosphorus 0.6%, available phosphorus 0.4%, salt 0.37%.

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