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Methods And Measures To Improve Scientific Chicken Breeding Technology

Methods and measures to improve scientific chicken breeding technology

Scientific chicken breeding technology is the key to ensuring the healthy operation of chicken farms. Eggs and meat are in a very important nutritional position in our lives. Regardless of disease or other factors, only by improving chicken breeding technology and scientific operations can we ensure our daily lives. The supply of meat and eggs, and moreover, mastering and improving scientific chicken breeding technology also plays a very important role in the quality of chicken and eggs.

1. Improve the awareness of scientific chicken raising and learn chicken raising techniques

As a farmer, we must first understand the prevention-oriented feeding policy. Farmers who have just started to raise chickens must understand the basic knowledge of scientific management and disease prevention, including density, ventilation, light time, chicken feed preparation, and disease immunity. Several aspects such as the formulation of procedures to improve the quality of farmers and the ability to learn technology. In addition to scientific guidance, farmers must also strengthen their studies, read books and newspapers on scientific breeding and breeding information, apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned to production practice, and continue to explore and summarize, and finally improve breeding The skills to make breeding business better and better.

2. Do a good job in the hygiene of the breeding environment and improve the quality of adult chickens

It is necessary to improve the environment of chicken breeding and the sanitation of the chicken coop. Regular cleaning and regular removal of chicken manure should be carried out. The chicken coop must also be strictly disinfected to minimize the concentration of ammonia and carbon dioxide in the chicken coop. Before entering the chickens, it can be sprayed and disinfected with drugs to keep the chicken house in a sterile state and reduce the disease caused by pollution of the chicken house. In addition, we must pay attention to ventilation. Don’t ignore the heat preservation measures of the chicken house while strengthening the ventilation to make the temperature suitable. Of course, if the temperature in the brooding room is too high, the relative humidity in the brooding house will be low, and the chickens are susceptible to respiratory diseases.

3. Prevent chicken diseases and do a good job of daily health care

Disease prevention and control of domestic chickens is particularly important to chicken farmers. Many chicken diseases are easily infected and cause great harm. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly do a good job in epidemic prevention and health care of chickens. The cause of chicken disease may be due to improper feed composition, high or low temperature, trauma, etc., or it may be caused by excessive medicine or inhalation of harmful gases. It is necessary to do a good job in the prevention and management of chicken diseases, pay more attention to the production status of the chickens at ordinary times, and make records of the feed, drinking, feces, and various status of the chickens. Through the analysis and analysis of the records Organize, find problems in time and take corresponding measures. For more harmful diseases, other chicken flocks should be vaccinated with effective vaccines based on the development of the disease.

The methods and measures to improve scientific chicken breeding technology mainly include the above three aspects. The breeding industry is basically to prevent disease from disease, and the breeding management is scientifically correct. The chicken coop and drinking water feed ensure the comfort of the chicken, and the health of the chicken is guaranteed. Therefore, to sum up, only by mastering scientific and professional chicken breeding technology can we raise chickens well.

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