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Layer Chicken Cage

layer chicken cage

layer chicken cage For farmers who raise colorful pheasants, how to increase the egg production rate is the common voice of everyone. The following editor recommends seven ways to increase egg production.

1. Increase lighting

The colorful pheasant during the laying period should be guaranteed 16 to 18 hours of light every day. Starting in the morning, artificial light fills with a 3 watt bulb per square meter, 2 meters above the ground, and the power supply must be stable. Light stimulation can promote the female colorful pheasant to lay more eggs.

2. Increase drinking water

The colorful pheasant needs more drinking water during the laying period than usual, especially in summer, the water must not be cut off, and the chicken house should be kept cool.

3. Increase crude protein content

In the peak period of egg production, the crude protein content of the colorful pheasant feed should reach 23% to 26%. It is higher than ordinary chickens, and the feed is mainly full-price high-quality compound feed. The level of protein content directly affects the duration of egg production.

4. Ensure sufficient green fodder

As the colorful pheasant maintains its original wild nature, sufficient green feed should be ensured to supplement its needs for vitamins and trace elements during the laying period.

5. It is strictly forbidden to scare chickens

Try to reduce the transfer of groups to avoid the female colorful pheasant being frightened and affecting the laying of eggs.

6. There are enough nests

Every 3 to 4 female colorful pheasants should have a laying box, otherwise the colorful pheasant will delay laying eggs due to the lack of laying place and affect the formation of the second egg.

7. Improve hygiene

can cut some branches and insert them in the colorful pheasant house, which can not only improve the ambient air in the house, but also can be used for the colorful pheasant to inhabit and eat pine needles to supplement crude fiber and vitamin A. The drinking fountains and feeding troughs of chickens should be washed and disinfected frequently. The comfortable and elegant hygienic environment can increase the egg production rate of colorful pheasants by 10% to 12%.

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