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How To Raise Black Water Chicken

How to raise black water chicken

How to raise black water chicken just out of the shell? What do black water chickens feed chicks? Blackwater chickens are relatively new and popular breeding projects. When we breed blackwater chickens, we must pay attention to understand the breeding technology, do a good job in site selection and feeding. Specific technical methods of artificially breeding black water chickens, let’s understand together.

What do black water chickens feed chicks?

Black water chickens mainly eat aquatic plant tender leaves, sprouts, rhizomes and aquatic insects, worms, spiders, mollusks, snails and insect larvae. Among them, animal foods are the main food. Swim on the edge, sometimes pecking on the leaves, the insects on the stem or the insects falling into the water, and sometimes wading in the shallow water near the water for food.

How to raise black water chicken just out of the shell?

1. The vitality of the newly purchased chicks is relatively fragile, so we need careful care. We need to keep the chicks in a well-built chicken house for heat preservation, and feed the concentrate suitable for black water chicken three times a day. After the black water chicken is recovered, you can slowly add small fish or shrimp to the food, or you can feed the shrimp twice a day, after the chicks have faded the initial layer of fluff. Stocking is carried out once every three days, and they are taught to forage for themselves. After about half a month, the black water chickens can be put into stocking.

2. Black water chickens are different from black chickens, white feather chickens and other chickens. These chickens can live on the chicken farm, but black water chickens need to grow better in the water, so as to enhance the black water chickens The breeding capacity of black water chickens can be put into the rivers or ponds built before the black water chickens are two months later, as far as possible to simulate the natural environment for breeding, because the artificial rivers are all Some fish and shrimps need to be stocked by ourselves, so we can buy some cheaper small fish shrimps for feeding, so that the small fish shrimps will also reproduce, so that they can continue to flow, and the black water chickens also eat insects. , Such as earthworms. Finally, it is also possible to feed some vegetables to the black water chicken in an appropriate amount, and mix with some feed, so as to promote their growth.

3. The vitality of wild animals is relatively tenacious, so they are rarely sick. Even if they are sick, they will find food for treatment. The same is true for wild black water chickens, but after artificial feeding, black water chickens lose Part of the function, so there will be a cold or inflammation symptoms at the time of production, so we need to be treated in a timely manner, the farming site should always have medicines to prevent and treat colds and inflammations. Added in food, this can play a good preventive role. Finally, black water chickens will have chicken fever in the same month as normal chicken flocks. This is very serious because the infectivity is very large.

Blackwater chicken breeding technology

1. Breeding environment

The environment for breeding black water chickens is our first priority. Blackwater chickens like swimming, mainly for small fish, shrimp and insects, which means that the best breeding place is a pond, reservoir or river. There is also the black water chicken can not be dry-raised, otherwise it will die, so it must be wet-raising, and the temperature can not be too high, preferably about 20 degrees. The last thing is that in addition to the water, there must be grass in the farm, so that there will be more insects, and the black water chicken will have more food.

2. Early feeding

The newly purchased black water chickens are still very fragile. If there is no good care, the survival rate of the breeding is relatively low, so we must be very careful about the early feeding. In the early breeding period, we need to insulate the black water chicken and feed the black water chicken every day. The feeding at this time is generally divided into about five times, each time the feeding amount is not very large, mainly based on small fish, Shrimp is for food. At this stage, we also need to crush the small fish or shrimp, otherwise the chicks are not easy to digest. After the black water chicken is free to forage, it can be stocked.

3. Later stocking

Stocking has many benefits for the growth of black water chickens. First of all, it can promote the growth speed of black water chicken, and secondly, it can improve the breeding ability of black water chicken. But we also have a lot of things to pay attention to when stocking. For example, the fence around the farm should be set a little higher, because the black water chicken has a certain flying ability despite being artificially raised, so it is necessary to prevent black The water chicken runs away. In addition, although there are more foods for stocking, especially if there are fish in the pond, the food will be more sufficient, but if we want to speed up fattening, we need to feed at least two or three times a day.

4. Sanitation

In the process of breeding, we also need to pay attention to the sanitation of the breeding area to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Blackwater chicken farms will be different from other farms, so we not only need to clean the sanitation of the chicken house, but also need to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of other areas in the farm, especially the sanitation of water bodies. Because black water chickens stay longer in the water, if the water body is not cleaned and disinfected, the impact on black water chickens is very large.

5. Feather combing

When we breed black water chickens, we still need to sort out their feathers, which is very important for the breeding of black water chickens. Because black water chickens live in wetlands for a long time, the feathers are easily infected with bacteria, so if we do not comb the feathers in time, black water chickens are easy to get sick. In order to reduce the incidence of disease and enhance the physique of black water chickens, we must still be more careful in the normal breeding process.

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