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How To Reduce The Ammonia Smell In The Chicken House

How to reduce the ammonia smell in the chicken house

There is no good medicine to get rid of the ammonia smell in the chicken house. The only way to do this is to ventilate the chicken house more and take feeding management measures to reduce the ammonia smell in the chicken house. Specific feeding management measures:

Feed requires a balanced ratio of energy and protein; adding a microecological agent (Yi Enzyme Levi) to the feed adjusts the balance of intestinal flora, improves feed conversion rate, and reduces harmful gas production; timely removal of manure; strong ventilation on the basis of ensuring room temperature, pay attention Don’t form thief wind, don’t let the wind blow to the head and abdomen of the chicken. If it is a brooding chicken, you can increase the temperature of the stove and increase the ventilation; multi-dimensional drinking water can improve the disease resistance of the chicken; add some to prevent viral respiratory tract in the feed For sick Chinese herbal medicine, the most important thing is to strengthen vaccine immunity and control the occurrence of diseases.

Careful feeding and careful management can effectively reduce the ammonia smell in the chicken house.

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