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Dove Breeding Cages

dove breeding cages

dove breeding cages Due to the hot, rainy and humid climate in summer, the appetite of the chickens decreases and the egg production begins to decline. So how to manage summer?

1. In late spring and early summer, hens tend to brood. When brooding, it is necessary to awaken the brood as soon as possible. There are two ways: change the environment: put brood chickens in a basket, cover it, and place it in a cool and ventilated place. You can also put it in a water-splashing basin, where the water reaches the bones of the chicken legs, and the chicken can only stand in the basin. In this way, the brood can be woken up in 3-4 days; drug injection: According to the weight of broodstock, inject 12.5 mg of slenderin propionate per kilogram of pectoral muscle, and the brooding will be stopped in about 4 hours. The effect is better. There are also injections of acetol, 15 mg for each chest muscle, which is also effective.

2. Chickens should be released early every day, and chickens should be circulated late. Use more feed in the morning and evening when it is cool, and feed them fresh to promote the appetite of the chickens and maintain the daily feed.

3. To strengthen the ventilation of the chicken house, the front and rear windows and skylights should be opened day and night, and the house should be covered with dry soil. At the same time, dry soil or sand should be stored for rainy days. There must be a pergola for sports fields without shade. The water basin should be placed in the shade, and the drinking water should be changed frequently, so that the chicken can drink cool water at any time, which is good for the heat dissipation of the chicken body.

The central task of summer feeding and management is to prevent heatstroke and cool down, keep the environment dry and hygienic, so as to maintain the appetite and egg production of chickens. Therefore, in summer, we must strengthen feeding and management to give chickens a suitable environment.

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